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How It All Started

Lakes & Legends was born from the idea that we could create a high-quality, farm-to-table beer that would raise the expectations and expand the possibilities of what you could get from a beer. We love the improvisational spirit of Belgian farmhouse beers and the storied tradition of Trappist beers, and we couldn’t think of a better base from which to start (not to mention they’re our favorite beers to drink!)

We focus on quality ingredients, spotlighting our farming partners wherever possible. We take that quality and extend it to our taproom, creating a welcoming space where communities come together, slow down, and create those experiences that last a lifetime. We’re always experimenting and innovating, working on new beers to surprise and excite, with the hopes to elevate the experience every time you raise a glass. Cheers!

  • Ethan Applen

    CEO and Co-Founder

  • Derrick Taylor

    Co-Founder, Sales and Marketing

  • Andrew Dimery

    Head Brewer

  • Maggie Stern

    Taproom Manager

  • Jacob Glowinski

    Assistant Brewer

  • Ellie Taylor


  • Katie Applen